Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Granddad, Mommy misses you.

This is a new blog. It is being written by my Mommy, Diane Main, from my point of view. I am Cameron. I am five. Almost a year ago, my Granddad went to Heaven.

When it happened, Mommy was very sad. She didn't expect Granddad to die when he went to the hospital to have an operation on his heart. It wasn't a big operation, just a heart valve. But then he got sick in his lungs and two days later, he was in Heaven.

I miss my Granddad too. He died March 27, 2008, but in August of 2007, he and my Nanny came to California to visit us.

I do a lot of things that remind my Mommy of Granddad. I sit with my legs crossed, and I have done this ever since I was REALLY little. I also make up funny songs and new words to make Mommy laugh.

Here is a picture of me and Granddad from August of 2007:
From Cameron with Nanny and Granddad

I will tell you how we're doing from time to time. Today, Mommy thought about Granddad a little and I think it made her sad.

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